Come along to Sing-along and live longer!

Yes, H3A has started a choir.  Any member can join in the fun.  Song sheets are provided.  It is informal and no auditions or the ability to read music are required.  All you need is a desire to sing with like minded people.  And don’t worry if English isn’t your first language.  Music transcends language and already songs have been sung in Turkish, French and German, bringing people together for fun, friendship and well-being.  The songs include popular and traditional – the sort that most people know. 

Sing-along is led by Ninette Taylor who was inspired by the success of her home town choir in Cheshire, England.  The group meets in central Bodrum at the Maya Hotel who is donating the space and offering tea and coffee at minimum cost. The hotel is in Gerence Sokak, a one-way street leading from Turgetreis Caddesi to the sea front, and has a car park.

Why sing?  Singing is good for you.  It is an aerobic activity, exercising the major muscle groups in the upper body, even when sitting.  Singing also reduces stress levels and improves our sense of emotional well-being.  People singing together is an added benefit because of the increased sense of community and belonging and the sense of achievement from an activity such as a concert.

Singing is a great work out and regular exercise of the vocal cords can even prolong life.  Exercising the lungs and heart enables the body to produce ‘feel good’ hormones called endorphins, which rush around your body when you sing.  It’s exactly the same when you eat a bar of chocolate, except singing doesn’t contain any calories!

Singing also increasing lung capacity, improves posture, clears respiratory tubes and sinuses, and can increase mental alertness.

Singing makes you live longer!

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2 comments to Come along to Sing-along and live longer!

  • Ninette Taylor

    Dear moderator, I haven’t paid my fees, but will try to get them to someone in the near future when a Turkish relative, also living in England is able to visit his mother mother in Bodrum. when able to get a flight.Paying over the ‘over the airwaves’ doesn’t work for me!Thanks, Ninette Taylor.
    Please change my email address to the one I give below.

  • Ali Haji

    Hello Ninette, nice to hear from you. You may pay the fees when you return to Bodrum unless you are able to online or through a relative. Which email would you like to use? There was nothing attached to your comment. You can send to ali[email protected]. Thanks

    Ali Haji

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