Tour to Muğla 4 December 2011

Our group of 27 left on a bright and sunny morning to head off to Muğla.  We were joined by members Hamdi Topçuoğlu and Semih Adyıman who had planned the tour.

The journey to our first stop, breakfast at Kozagac, took two hours through a lovely pine forest.

The breakfast in a villager’s garden consisted entirely of home grown produce and included honey, olives, eggs and walnuts – off the very tree near where we were eating.  The setting was perfect in a small village with countryside as far as the eye could see.  With the sun shining it was a perfect start to our day.

On then to Muğla to visit two restored houses which had been beautifully completed with maximum detail to attention.  A stroll through the old streets followed with a break for coffee, and for those needing something a little stronger, a beer stop.

We were joined by a local guide who was extremely knowledgeable and his words were translated into to English by H3A member Güler.

We took a late lunch at an old water mill, Belen Khakis, where we were lucky enough to have live music played to us by Hamdi Bey’s cousin.

During the trip two new members enrolled taking the membership total to 105. Joining us on the trip was our 100th member – NurcanMatoğlu.

The day ended back at Bodrum in the early evening, and I think every one will agree that it was a very interesting and enjoyable day.

Cheryl Sabey


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