Visit to Selia Farm, Sunday 22 July 2012

After getting together at three different meeting points, our cars headed for the Selia Farm on a pleasant July afternoon.  Our group of around thirty-five members were welcomed by Selva İşmen and member Gülnar Önay who took us to the cellars at the entrance of the large main building.  In this dark, large space candles were used for lighting. 

We were seated around a handsome wooden meeting table where their organic Zinfandel rosé wine was served with crackers.  Ms İşmen said that Zinfandel wine is popular in the United States and that Selia Farm is the first to produce this type of wine in Turkey.  Then, she went on to give us some information about the farm where olive oil, goat cheese and various kinds of jam are also produced organically.  The farm is located on a piece of land around 185 acres covered with vineyards and olive trees.

They own beautiful and rare white goats from which they get the milk for the cheese.  After leaving the cellar, we saw these goats at their cages.  We were, then taken to another part of the farm where their products are sold.  Here again, we were served another of their wine products (Shiraz and Cabernet – red) together with their goat cheese, black and green olives, olive oil and some tomatoes and grapes . Many of us bought wine, cheese, olive oil and jam before leaving.  Ms İşmen said that she would invite all Herodotus members to Selia Farm at the grape harvest time in August.  Hence, those of you who missed the opportunity to visit the Farm will have another chance in August.

Vivian Kohen

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