Ömer Madra Talk: “The Future of the Planet”

Ömer Madra gave a  talk on 21st February 2014 in Bodrum
“The Future of the Planet”.  Shakespeare’s words, 450 years on, are just as relevant today:  To be or not to be?  That is the question indeed!
Ömer Madra, an outstanding philosopher, writer and activist in Turkey on the subject of Environment and Global Climate Change, a gave talk in Turkish and in English on Friday 21 February 2014 at Karia Princess Hotel Bodrum hosted by The Herodotus Third Age Academy (H3A) Association.

Omer madra (54)Ömer Madra is one of the founders and the editor in chief of the radio station, Açık Radyo (Open Radio) in Istanbul.  He prepares and presents the news programme, Açık Gazete (Open Newspaper), as well other programmes on philosophy and environmental issues.  As a graduate of Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science, Omer Madra lectured at Ankara University, Bilgi University and Istanbul University from 1970 to 2010 on international law, international relations, globalism, environmental issues, climate change and environmental journalism.  He was the editor of Milliyet, Şehir, Gergedan and Arredamento/Dekorasyon magazines from 1982 to 1994, the editor in chief of the Sunday supplement of the daily Güneş in 1990 and a columnist in the daily Yeni Binyıl from 1999 to 2000.

Ömer Madra is the author of Avrupa İnsan Hakları Sözleşmesi ve Bireysel Başvuru Hakkı (The European Convention on Human Rights and the Right of Individual Application) (1980), Migrant Workers and International Law (1985), Romanımla Sana Bir Ses (Novel-1991), Rüzgâra Karşı (Against the Wind) (Essays-1996), Rüzgâra Karşı-II (Against the Wind II) (Essays-2001), Akıntıya Kürek (Against the Current) (Essays-2002), Küresel Isınma ve İklim Krizi – Niçin Daha Fazla Bekleyemeyiz (Global Warming and the Climate Crisis – Why We Can’t Wait) (With Ümit Şahin -2007) and the translator of  Franny and Zooey  (12th .edition  2013).

Ömer Madra has participated in many conferences, panels and symposiums and has given talks on the topics of environment, war and peace, media and activism since 1988.  He was invited to Bodrum for the first time by H3A.  In his talk on the 21st February Ömer Madra referred to William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday by quoting the English playwright’s words “To be or not to be, that is the question” and shared with his audience the latest scientific findings on the future of our planet.

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