Hero3A Art Group Exhibition – 12th to 21st April 2014

In Spring 2012, about 12 members of Hero3A got together to explore the possibility of forming an Art Group. People’s painting and drawing experience ranged from zero to considerable but artist and teacher Gulcin Kadikoy encouraged everyone to start to explore their own talents. The group began meeting every Tuesday in Gurece – the Gurece Yenel Dernegi Odasi.

As the number of completed pictures increased, the idea of holding a group exhibition naturally arose. This is a major step for any artist, so there was much discussion about when and where this event might take place. In the end, it was decided to hold the exhibition to coincide with Hero3A’s General Meeting on Saturday, 12th April 2014. All artists were encouraged to have some pieces framed in time for the exhibition – even those who were overly modest and reluctant to display their work in public!

And so, on the morning of Saturday 12th April, the group met in the Luzz Hotel in Bodrum with their pictures. Gulcin and Camille Sahin used their exhibition experience to decide where each picture should be hung in the space available – the group learned a lot by just watching this process. With the help of the hotel staff, 25 pictures were hung and the first ever Hero3A Art Group Exhibition kicked off. It was decided not to have a formal launch as most artists were happy just to see their own work up on the wall in a public space. An Email announcing the exhibition was sent to all hero3A members – and the group was heartened by congratulatory messages received from people who came to view the exhibition.

The exhibition lasted for 10 days. On 19th April, the artists got together with close friends and family for a small celebration. At this stage, the pictures had been hanging for a week and it was an opportunity to reflect on the experience. Gulcin Kadikoy said how pleased and proud she was of the group – the group in turn thanked her for her guidance and advice. All agreed it had been an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

The group meets every Tuesday in Gurece – Turks, English, Irish, Hungarians, Americans and New Zealanders: all are united in the nurturing, creative environment.  Hero3A is grateful to Recep Cingoz – a Gurece man and the owner of the stone building – for donating the building for community use. Another group exhibition is planned for September, and details will be announced nearer the time. New members are always welcome, no experience is necessary. Anyone interested should contact Linda Bennett – [email protected]

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