H3A tour to Nysa, 27 April 2016

Situated on the slopes of the Aydın (Messogis) mountains, the ancient city of Nysa overlooks the great Maeander fault valley, one of the longest and deepest geological fracture of Anatolia – the B Menderes fault.

The most sacred place for Nysa was Acharaca, a health centre which contains a temple of Pluto and Persephone as well as a subterranean cave where thermal hot springs and noxious gases gushed.  Nearby Tralleis was an important city of ancient times.  It was one of the wealthiest because of the Great Maeander plain which was a centre of education and political activity.

Strabo, the geographer and historian was educated in Nysa and wrote 27 books on world geography, including three chapters on Anatolia, and 42 books on the history of the known world.
The trip was guided by our own Semih Adıyaman and organized by Reyhan Destan.
Photographs by Ayşe İdil:
Nysa-Akharaka-Tralleis gezisinde Herodot'un ağır topları

Nysa-Akharaka-Tralleis gezisinde Herodot’un ağır topları


Photographs by Perran Arpacılar-Onat

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