• 25 May Friday – 03 June Sunday (last day closes by 14:00) HeroArt Show. OASIS Sümbül Sokak Sergi Alanı. Contact Gülçin [email protected]
  • June Tuesdays and Fridays 11:00 (weather permitting). Gürece. Contact Gülçin [email protected]
  • 03 June Sunday 9:00. Walk Contact Bob [email protected].
  • 06 June Wednesday 15:00 Afternoon Tea for Singalong and Writing Circle. Camille’s home. For information, contact Martha [email protected] or Camille [email protected]
  • 07 June Thursday Boat Trip. Contact Linda [email protected]
  • 07 June Thursday 14:00 English Reading Group 1 Contact Christine [email protected]
  • 08 June Friday 10:00 Joint Meeting of H3A Main Board and H3A Deputy Board. OASIS Conference Salon. Contact Vivian [email protected]
  • 08 June Friday 15:00 Presentation: “Aromatherapy” by Marielle Mercadier. OASIS Conference Salon. For information, contact Camille [email protected]
  • 10 June Sunday 9:00 Contact Bob [email protected]
  • 12 June Tuesday Seval’in Yeri (Dağbelen) Contact Linda [email protected]
  • 17 June Sunday 9:00 Contact Bob [email protected]
  • 20 June Wednesday 14:00 English Reading Group 2. Annie’s house in Bodrum. ENGLISH. Contact Annie [email protected]
  • 20 June Wednesday 14:00 Turkish Non-Fiction Book Group. Adil Korkmaz’s office. TURKISH. Reyhan [email protected]
  • 20 June Wednesday 19:00. H3A “Welcome Summer” Yarbasan, Yahşi. Contact Linda [email protected]


  • 22 June Friday Boat Trip Contact Linda [email protected]
  • 22 June Friday 15:00 Presentation: “History of Turkish Bath Houses” by Ahmet İğdırlıgil. OASIS Conference Salon. For information, contact Camille [email protected]



  • NOTE: Most H3A activities break for the summer and will resume in September, October, or November.
  • NOTE: No H3A calendar will be sent out in July and August. The next published calendar will be for September 2018.
  • Boat trips will continue through the summer. Linda will keep you informed as new ones are added. Contact Linda [email protected]

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