Tour to Marmaris, Datça and Knidos 15 to 16 May 2018

All of us, except for our guide, arrived at the Datça-Körmen port with the 09:30 morning ferry from Bodrum.

The minibus which had left Bodrum at 07:00 and travelled overland was waiting for us. We drove to Palamutbükü and had an excellent lunch of local meatballs with almonds at the Payam Restaurant.

After lunch we left for Knidos where we saw the small theatre of Dionysos plus the Apollon, Aphrodite, Korinth, Dor and Demeter temples, stoas, the city council, the famous sun dial, the five churches and the northern and southern ports.  We wandered around the world’s biggest ancient necropol after which we rested at the cafe on the shore before heading back towards Datça.

In the cool of the evening we strolled around the old Datça houses, coffee shops, Burgaz ruins before checking in to the Karaincir Palm Bay Beach hotel.  After a most enjoyable supper we caught up on the day’s events in front of a beautiful view before retreating to our beds.

The next morning after breakfast we visited the Mehmet Ali Ağa mansion at Reşadiye and the mosque made from Knidos pillars and stones.  We had a rest at the Knidos Winehouse before moving on.

Our next stop was at the Pineapple restaurant in the port of Marmaris for another excellent lunch.  Afterwards we toured old Marmaris, visited the castle and the Archaeology Museum.  At the museum we examined the special ancient sculptures and pieces of pillars brought from Knidos, Burgaz and Emecik Apollo Tropia in addition to terracotta lamps and figurines.

Around four-thirty in the afternoon we set-off for Bodrum.  On the way we visited a walnut garden and coffee house, arriving at Bodrum at 20:00.

Reyhan Destan
Tour organiser

Photographs by: Aslı Sander Atasi

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