31 October conference “1924 Turkish Greek population exchange”

Dear friends

Our conference on the 1924 Turkish Greek population exchange and the Cretian district in Bodrum will take place on Thrursday 31 October at 14:30 at the Karia Princess hotel. The conference will be in Turkish

The conference will include a documentary on the Kumbahçe district in Bodrum where the Turkish population who migrated from Crete following the ethnic religious strifes in 1897-1898 and again during the 1924 population exchange. Zehra Denizaslanı president of the Cretian association in Bodrum will make a short presentation to introduce the documentary.

Anthropologist Timuçin Binder who has researched this period of Ottoman history will give during the projection two fifteen minutes talks on the circonstances of the Turkish people”s migration from Crete. 


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