Ertuğrul Frigate

Ertuğrul Frigate presentation 16 January Thrusday 16:00 at the Karia Hotel
Dear Members;
After the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II received an important honor from the Japanese Emperor Meiji, the Japanese Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the chrysanthemum, he decided to reciprocate the gift by sending Frigate Ertuğrul in a diplomatic trip to Japan with a similar honor to Emperor Meiji. Ertuğrul left İstanbul on 14 July 1889 and reached Japan after 11 months of sail surviving various accidents and storms. On its returning journey, just the day after leaving Yokohama, on the evening of the 16th of September,1890, Ertuğrul was caught in a typhoon and sunk.From the original 609 members of the crew, 540 sailors lost their lives in Japan, only 69 sailors were rescued by Oshima Island fishermen .This tragedy was the beginning of a strong friendship between the Turkish and Japanese nations.
The presenter is our dear member Berta Lledo, archaeological director of Ertuğrul underwater excavation Project.

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