Semiramis Yağcıoğlu “Siyah Orfe ve Karnaval”

Our next zoom presentation will be performed by  Linguist Pr. Dr. Semiramis Yağcıoğlu. Semiramis hanım will analyze the legendary “Black Orpheus” movie by Marcel Camus in 1959. Before the presentation, you can watch the movie from the link above. The presentation will be in Turkish.  

With his movie “Black Orpheus”, the director MarcelCamus won the Golden Palm (1959), the Oscar for the Best foreign language film  (1960) and the Golden globe  for Best Foreign Language Film (1960). This film, which is a co-production of France, Brazil and Italy, takes its subject from a theater play inspired by Greek Mythology. Director Camus is also the author of the script of the film together with J. Viot. The French director, who passed away at the age of seventy in 1982, also directed movies and TV series.

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