Osman Menteşe “Olive and Olive Oil”

Our presentation entitled “ Olive and Olive Oil ” will be made by our member Osman Menteşe, one of the leading olive oil producers in the region. In this presentation, Osman Bey will discuss the following issues (in Turkish):

  1. The Importance of Olive Oil for Health
    2. Which Olive Oil
    3. What does Early Harvest Cold Press mean
    4. What should be considered in Olive Growing and Olive Oil Production?
    5 What should be considered when buying olive oil.
    6.How to use olive oil
    7.How to store olive oil
    8. Olive varieties for oil, for food
    9 Olive varieties of the region
    The 40 minutes presentation will be followed by a question and answer session. 

    Osman Menteşe was born in 1946 in Milas. He lived in Istanbul and studied Economics and Management. He worked as a manager in foreign pharmaceutical companies in the private sector. After retiring in 1998, he came to his ancestral land and cultivated cotton, wheat and olives on his land. But the place of olives in his life is special. He sees the olive tree as a sacred plant that connects to people.

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