Mehmet Çuhadar “Faith Tourism in Turkey”

The Culture and Tourism Ministry has listed the 18 most popular faith tourism spots in Turkey in a promotional brochure, titled “Turkey, the Homeland of Faiths.”

In this presentation, Archaeologist Mehmet Çuhadar sheds light on the beliefs and religions that emerged or spread in Anatolia since the Neolithic age. He talks about magnificent temples, sacred shrines, the monuments of monotheistic religions in Turkey. He explains how this unique richness of beliefs is reflected in faith tourism in ancient times and today. 

Mehmet Çuhadar, who graduated from Ankara University DTCF Classical Archeology Department, has worked at Konya Archeology Museum and Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museums. Mehmet Çuhadar has written  several books about Konya and Cappadocia  and has given numerous lectures , about Turkey”s Cultural Heritage, domestically and abroad.

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