Eftal Köklü “Far East trip notes and Photographs”

H3A member and BODTUM president Eftal Köklü, will present his notes and photographs of a 42-day trip, including seven stops in four Far Eastern countries, part of a cruise tour and a long stay – in Singapore – in January and February 2020.

Born in 1951 in Bursa, to a family immigrated to Turkey during the 1924 population exchange, Eftal Köklü graduated from Saint Joseph French Boys High School in 1970 and then from METU Civil Engineering department. As an engineer, manager, contractor and consultant, he took part in the management of various construction projects and companies, many of which were abroad (Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia). Eftal Köklü has been living in Bodrum Bitez for the last 9 years with his spouse Pharmacist Filiz Hanım and has a son and two grandchildren. The presentation is in Turkish but will contain interesting documentary pictures of the countries visited.

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