Tuğrul Sezen “Sixties Music”

In his zoom presentation this sunday 30 May at 16:00, H3A member Tuğrul Sezen will take us to the 1960’s in a musical Journey around the world.   

Tuğrul Sezen is a Biophysicist who spent most of his career at Stanford University. He was also a music amateur since he was 5 years old,  played various musical instruments including guitar, mandolin, saz. He had early interest in jazz, blues and rock & roll, classical music as well as world music including Turkish folk music. In the USA he had a vast record collection with thousands of records including old 78’s which he donated to Stanford University library as Sezen collection. As an amateur, he made music programs in a major radio station in Berkeley California with a large audience. He also gave talks in music in various avenues including Stanford University.



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