Friends are taking advantage of the chance to gather at Gürece and other places. Here is a brief update. We wish everyone a safe and happy summer !

July 18 (Sunday at 21:00)
Title: Car Story (Turkish)
Presenter: Eftal Köklü on Zoom  (later posted on H3A website)

August 29 (Sunday, at 21:00 )
Title: An Overview of Cultural Tourism in Muğla (Turkish)
Presenter: Mehmet Çuhadar on Zoom (later posted on H3A website)

Video on YouTube :
Halicarnassus Mosaics (English) by Mehmet Çuhadar

Contact Samer: [email protected] or  Didem :  [email protected]

Activities and Interest Groups

Beach Days: (Fridays at 11:00)
Date and location announced on WhatsApp and Google Group

Contact Lale : [email protected] or on WhatsApp


Yoga Group (Tuesdays at 11:00)
Location: Gürece
Contact Nurhan : [email protected]


Turkish Conversation Group, Level I (Wednesdays at 11:00)
Location: Gürece
Contact Nur: [email protected]

Photography Group
(dates agreed between group members)
Produces a documentary video on Halicarnassos Walls. Occasionally meeting in Gürece

Contact Mehmet : [email protected]


Cinema Dizi Group (Thursdays at 11:00) (Turkish)
Location: Gürece
Contact Didem:  [email protected]


Informal Bridge Group  (Fridays at 11:00)
Location: Gurece
Contact Kevin Krespi :  [email protected]


Games Group (Fridays at 14:00)
Location: Gürece

Contact Selmin: [email protected]

Interest Group Coordinator : Didem Keremoğlu  [email protected]


Enjoy summer vacation!

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