18 July at 21:00 Car story

Eftal Köklü, our esteemed member and Bodtum president, will add the story of the automobile to his “pan epistemic” (universal) contributions telling us about automobile history, the effect of automobile on modern social life, automobile culture, automobile as a cultural object and automobile in cinema. The talk is in Turkish.


Friends are taking advantage of the chance to gather at Gürece and other places. Here is a brief update. We wish everyone a safe and happy summer !

July 18 (Sunday at 21:00)
Title: Car Story (Turkish)
Presenter: Eftal Köklü on Zoom  (later posted on H3A website)

August 29 (Sunday, at 21:00 )
Title: An Overview of Cultural Tourism in Muğla (Turkish)
Presenter: Mehmet Çuhadar on Zoom (later posted on H3A website)

Video on YouTube :
Halicarnassus Mosaics (English) by Mehmet Çuhadar

Contact Samer: [email protected] or  Didem :  [email protected]

Activities and Interest Groups

Beach Days: (Fridays at 11:00)
Date and location announced on WhatsApp and Google Group

Contact Lale : [email protected] or on WhatsApp


Yoga Group (Tuesdays at 11:00)
Location: Gürece
Contact Nurhan : [email protected]


Turkish Conversation Group, Level I (Wednesdays at 11:00)
Location: Gürece
Contact Nur: [email protected]

Photography Group
(dates agreed between group members)
Produces a documentary video on Halicarnassos Walls. Occasionally meeting in Gürece

Contact Mehmet : [email protected]


Cinema Dizi Group (Thursdays at 11:00) (Turkish)
Location: Gürece
Contact Didem:  [email protected]


Informal Bridge Group  (Fridays at 11:00)
Location: Gurece
Contact Kevin Krespi :  [email protected]


Games Group (Fridays at 14:00)
Location: Gürece

Contact Selmin: [email protected]

Interest Group Coordinator : Didem Keremoğlu  [email protected]


Enjoy summer vacation!

Summer Activities Newsletter

H3A Summer 2021 Activities Newsletter 3       21 June 2021

Welcome!  Summer has begun, and life here in Bodrum now includes more opportunities to be together with friends. Some H3A activities will be happening during the summer months; of course, informal connections between members will continue. NOTE: Most H3A events are on hold until the end of summer, when they will be announced in the September newsletter.


The H3A Ordinary General Meeting will be held this Friday, 25 Jun, 2021 at 14:00 at the Karya Hotel in Bodrum. Finally! All members are encouraged to attend and to participate in discussion of H3A going forward. In addition there will be the election of the new boards and auditors (who will serve until the spring of 2022). Masks and social distancing will be in place. Hope to see you there. You are encouraged to come a few minutes early so as to be able to sign in the membership book.


Zoom presentations will continue through the summer, one Sunday a month. Watch your Google Group emails. Contact Samer: [email protected]

Other Activities

Beach Days :One-Hour Seaside Strolls have been replaced by once-a-week Beach Days, to be announced on WhatsApp and Google Group. Contact Lale [email protected]  or by WhatsApp.

Walks: If weather permits, occasional walks may be announced on the H3A google group. 

Social activities like breakfasts and informal gatherings if scheduled will be announced.

Interest Groups

Art and Culture Groups

HeroArt (resuming soon) at Gürece. Contact Gulçin [email protected]

The Photography Group : This summer 10 members led by Mehmet Uyargil will be completing a documentary with a scenario on the newly uncovered Bodrum walls. 

Cinema Dizi Group (informal sessions) (Turkish). Contact Didem: [email protected]  


Konuşma Grupları will resume in the fall.

Reading Groups will resume in the September or October.


We hope to see you all at the OGM on Friday and wish you a healthy and peaceful summer holiday…

Martha Patrick (for the H3A Board)

Aydın Şimşek “The future of literature, the literature of the future”

This Sunday’s (Turkish) zoom presentation  “The future of literature, the literature of the future” will be performed by Mr. Aydın Şimşek who has an impressive background as a poet, writer and animator of literary platforms. 

Mehmet Çuhadar “Mysterious world of rugs”

In this presentation, H3A member archeologist Mehmet Çuhadar will take us in a journey to the mysterious world of carpets where everything about carpets shall be talked about : the world’s oldest carpets, Silk Road, Yoruk tents, Ottoman Empire Workshops, Renaissance Painters who painted Turkish carpets, to the most expensive carpets in the world. The presentation language is Turkish.

Mehmet Çuhadar graduated from Ankara University DTCF Classical Archeology Department and worked at Konya Archeology Museum and Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum. Mehmet Çuhadar, who worked as an archaeologist in local and foreign excavations; He guided groups related to Archeology, Art and Faith Tourism. Mehmet Çuhadar, who has been interested in antique carpets and rugs since his youth, worked as a consultant for Carpet companies in Istanbul and Cappadocia. He gave conferences on Turkey at home and abroad, wrote guidebooks on Cappadocia and Konya regions. 

Mehmet Çuhadar currently works on the history and archeology of the region in Bodrum, where he lives.