Social Events

H3A members create occasions to come together at social events.

Two dinners or lunches are organized every year, one to celebrate the festive season at the end of December and one to welcome the coming of  spring. These meals are held in well known restaurants with delicious food and ample space to host a large number of H3A members.

Every two or three months, new members are invited to come together at a gathering.  During this gathering they are given detailed information about H3A activities and volunteer work they can participate in.

Except in high summer, a breakfast is organized every month at a different restaurant offering good food and a beautiful view.  During these breakfasts members get to know each other more closely, enjoy friendship and those members who are also authors are given the opportunity to introduce their books.

Every week members who live in the same district of Bodrum are encouraged to gather at a cafe in the same area so that they can get to know members from their own neighborhood.

In the summer, one day boat trips are arranged during which groups of 10-12 members can go swimming at their own leisure.

We also have ad-hoc events such as recitals and wine tasting throughout the year.

H3A Breakfast (Once a month)

Contact Colin Burge: [email protected]

Tea and Birthdays (Once a month, Saturday)

Contact Emel Haliyo: [email protected]

For more information, please contact Linda Bennett at [email protected]

Has been stopped due to the pandemic.