We invite all our members and friends to participate in conferences and talks that we organize twice a month, usually on Thursday afternoons on topics of interest to all of us.

For presentations, you can contact Samer Atasi [email protected].

Due to the pandemic, the presentations have been moved to Sunday and are made on line using Zoom, and recorded.  You can watch the recordings in the  “online activities” page.


Recent Turkish Presentations

“Carians Overseas” on 23 January 2020, Canan Küçükeren 

“Towers of the Caucasus Mountains” (Turkish Documentary) on 19 December 2019,  Mehmet Uyargil, Cüneyt Karaloğlu

“Mosques of the Aegean Region” on 5 December 2019, Reyhan Destan

 “LUWIANS and unknown history of western Anatolia before Hittites” on 21 November 2019 , Sefa Taşkın

“The 1924 Turkish Greek population exchange and the Cretian district in Bodrum” on 31 October 2019, Zehra Denizaslanı and Timuçin Binder

“Cuba” and “2 sacred cities Varanasi & Haridvar” documentaries, on 16 May 2019 by Mehmet Uyargil and “Kumkuat fotoğraf grubu 


Two sacred cities… Varanasi & Haridwar:  

“From now on Çoruh will be stagnant”documentary, on 9 May 2019 by Filiz Ozankaya. You can watch the documentary video under “presentation news.”

“Sumerian Civilization and Mesopotamia”, on 18 April 2019 by Alpay Pasınli

“Chatting with our Garden and Balcony Plants” on 21 february 2019 by Gülnar Onay

“Hagia Sophia: Holy Temple of Empires” on 2 November 2018 by archaeologist Erdem Yücel

… and previously

  • The Historical Development of Baths by Ahmet İğdirligil
  • Aromatherapy by Marielle Mercadier
  • First Turkish Museum by Alpay Pasinli
  • Herodot tells about Caria and the Carian People by Mehmet Çuhadar
  • Classical Turkish Art Music by Prof Dr Nevzat Atlığ


Recent Presentations in Turkish and English

“Ertuğrul Frigate and Turkish Nippon relations” on 16 January 2020, Berta Liedo  

“Following Aristotle’s Footsteps: The Good Life and Happiness in the Age of Confusion” on 7 November 2019, Haluk Şahin

Birds in the picture: A photo-safari along European hotspots on 10 October 2019 by Gert Mooij (English) and Emel Haliyo (Turkish)

“Ahmet Ertegün: Bodrum’s Famous Resident and America’s ‘Music Man’, on 25 April 2019 by  Tuğrul Sezen (Turkish and English). You can watch the presentation video under “presentation news.”

Memory of Anatolia lost cities presented on 21 March 2019 in Turkish and in English  by Reyhan Destan

Contemporary Denmark presented on 14 March 2019 in English by Susanne Saral and translated to Turkish by Deniz Saral  as part of H3A cultural riches program

My Brazil presented on 21 February 2019 in Turkish and English by Nilüfer Sander and Nazan Güven as part of H3A Cultural Riches program.

Cappadocia throughout the ages presented on 24 January 2019 in Turkish and in English by Mehmet Çuhadar

Nepal the mysterious roof of the world, presented on 17 January 2019  in Turkish by Nurhan Ergenekon and translated to English by Emel Haliyo, as part of H3A Cultural Riches program.

Scotland, Not Just Kilts and Bagpipes, presented on 13 December 2018  in English by Walker & Rita Maclay and translated by Riza Aran as part of H3A’s Cultural Riches programme

… and previously

  • A Turkish Girl on the Ocean, presented by Hülya Leigh 
  • The Silent Bells of Bodrum: an original film documentary about Bodrum’s Christian past presented by Mehmet Uyargil, Timuçin Binder and Cana Üngün 
  • Turkish Cuisine presented by Özlem Warren
  • The Confessions of a Journalist (come novelist) in a world that has gone off track presented by Haluk Şahin
  • From Thrace to Ioannina:  On the Trail of the Ottomans presented by Selçuk Şahin 
  • Malaysia and Philippines – a slide show presented by member Sueda Şanver and translated by Gülçin Kadiköy
  • Down Under Australia and New Zealand by member Janet Douglas, translated by Riza Aran
  • South Africa, the World in a Country presented by member Michael Timcke and translated by Davendra Naihoo
  • The Cultural Origins of Turkey presented by member Aziz Başan and translated by Aslı Sander Atasi
  • Hungary – not just Goulash ad Gipsy Music presented by member Edit Sümer and translated by Teoman Sümer.