Our walks are held 2 days a week, every year  October to May

The first walk does not exceed 1 hour of  «light walking / strolling».

The second walk takes up to 2 hours on the sea shore or  “trekking”.

Sometimes our walks end in a local café or a restaurant with Brunch at lunch time.

Contact Bob Patrick for information    [email protected]


We will be strolling every week in different locations by the seaside for 1 hr. 
The meeting of our first stroll will be on March 27. 2021 Saturday at 10.40 in Bitez Belediye cafe.
The meeting date and location of the following strolls will be announced later.
Looking forward to see you on Saturday. You can write to me if you want to be part of this whatsapp stroll group.
Lale Caglar    0532 4211339      [email protected]


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